Often times when a Hiring Official from a new client company phones a Recruiter with a request for help on a search assignment (job opening) they provide the Recruiter with a job description and salary range and expect the Recruiter to present them with the ideal candidates.

A job description alone is not enough.The job description alone does not provide a Recruiter with sufficient information to successfully complete a recruiting effort as it is very often a list of responsibilities and requirements. Arrange a face to face meeting with the Recruiter to provide more in-depth information: discuss objectives, priorities, growth opportunities, personalities, corporate culture…. Set realistic salary goals – allow the Recruiter to educate you on the market and the going rate for candidates with a specific skill set/experience. Together you and the Recruiter should create a profile of exactly what type of candidate you are seeking, what their skills and experience should be, a description of your management style and a clear explanation of what your work environment is like. Armed with that valuable information, your Recruiter is primed for success.

Provide the Recruiter with the resume of a past employee(s) whose background(s) exemplifies what you are seeking. Give them names of companies where they would likely find the ideal candidates for the role you are filling. Help them better help you.

Before you conclude the initial meeting with the Recruiter, agree to set targeted dates for when you would like to have the new employee start and agree to set aside time to interview the candidates.

Trust the Recruiter’s judgment.  You have selected this Recruiter to work with based on their past success or a referral. Trust that this is their area of expertise and they wouldn’t present you with a candidate if they weren’t confident that the individual fits the bill.

Communication is key. As you interview the candidates presented to you, you may feel the need to tweak the profile to better zero in on suitable candidates. Perhaps there have been internal changes within your organization that may affect the new hire – if so, let the Recruiter know.

Stay Connected. Once a decision is made and a candidate is hired keep the lines of communication open with the Recruiter. Provide them with status updates of how the new employee is performing. If there are issues, problems or concerns, call the Recruiter immediately. They have a vested interest in the new employee being successful and may have the tools and insight to assist with problem resolution.