C&S Interim Solutions

Established in 2014, C&S Interim Solutions provides Caron & Stanley’s clients with staffing and candidate employment solutions that meet both their long-term contract needs as well as their contract-to-hire needs.

42% of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers in 2014.

According to CareerBuilder, 42% of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers in 2014. It stands to reason that a certain percentage of these ‘as needed’ individuals will transition into full-time permanent staff.

C&S Interim Solutions provides you with the talent to cover special projects or any gap that results from a leave of absence. This flexibility enables you to “try before you hire” a potential employee.

For many Americans, ‘temp’ work is the right solution. Whether laid off and unable to find employment, or in need of a more flexible work schedule, countless job-seekers see temping as an ideal option. Temp work provides candidates the chance to showcase their skills and talents in a real-time setting. This is a clear-cut bonus for individuals who don’t perform well during a structured interview process.

Working as your strategic partner, C&S Interim Solutions invests the time to truly understand your specific situation and needs. Using this knowledge as a foundation, we will develop a precision approach geared to generating results.

Following the interview and your decision to hire our candidate, the new employee will be staffed through a third party vendor. This vendor will manage all insurance, taxes, and payroll processing, and will invoice you directly.