Client Process

Job Description
When working with a first-time client, we prefer to start with a face-to-face meeting and a site tour. These steps assist us in understanding the opportunity, culture, and overall environment of a company. During this important interaction, we assess needs, define the scope of the search to be conducted, and execute a comprehensive strategy to ensure a successful outcome.
Search Execution
We take a strategic approach to recruiting. Central to this approach is our thorough understanding of the importance of aligning candidates with your leadership, culture, and business goals. We offer a customized solution to your recruiting needs, tailoring our search efforts to fit your specific goals and cultural environment.

Utilizing our extensive database, network, and other resources, we will launch a comprehensive search. Key steps during this phase include researching and identifying target companies, as well as potential candidates. During this process, we provide you with periodic status updates so that you are aware of our progress and we are consistently updated about changes to your needs or qualifications.

Candidate Assessment
We conduct thorough phone and in-person interviews with all candidates, screening them with the utmost diligence and caution. On average, we spend 1-2 hours meeting face-to face with each potential candidate. Throughout these interviews, we analyze the prospective employee’s core presentation and in-person communication skills. We also explore their work experience, strengths, weaknesses, skill sets, education/ certifications, long-term goals, personality/culture fit, compensation, and motivation to make a change.
Candidate Presentation
Once we determine that a candidate is the right fit for your position, confirm his or her genuine interest in your opportunity, and establish that expectations match your predetermined salary range, we present you with his or her resume. We take all reasonable steps to supply our clients with accurate information regarding each candidate’s employment history, skills, and experience. Along with a resume, we provide you with a narrative about the candidate’s background, skill sets, goals, and compensation requirements.
Client Interview and Feedback
When you express an interest in meeting with a candidate, we facilitate this crucial step by coordinating time, date, and location. After the interview, we solicit feedback from both you and the candidate. At this point, you decide whether or not you want to proceed with the interview process.
Reference Checks
Should you wish to offer employment to a candidate following the interview process, we will run a thorough check on two references supplied by the prospective employee. We will then present you with the results.
Offer of Employment
Caron & Stanley will assist you in the structuring and presentation of a job offer to the candidate. If needed, we will manage subsequent negotiations with the prospective employee. We focus on gaining a thorough understanding of an offer’s details and the candidate’s interest level prior to presenting an offer. Therefore, we will “pre-close” the candidate to identify any questions, concerns, or requests prior to the presentation. If issues arise, we will make them known to you to ensure a seamless process. Once the offer has been accepted, we review all the details with you to facilitate a smooth start. Moreover, we will contact the un-chosen candidates, providing them with constructive feedback, as well as the reasons they were not selected.
For several months after a successful placement, we remain in contact with both our Clients and Candidates to follow the new hire’s progress. Rest assured, our team of experts will be available to you in the unlikely event of performance problems or concerns.
Caron & Stanley offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee on our direct hire placements. This time cushion enables Clients to evaluate whether or not the candidate is sufficiently suited for the position.   We will promptly refund 100% of the fee paid if the hired employee(s) resigns, or the employment is terminated for cause within sixty (60) calendar days from his/her starting date. Because Caron & Stanley, Inc. cannot control management or the work environment, the guarantee will not cover terminations due to management change, elimination of the position, lay off, or natural disaster.