Candidate Process

Initial Call
An initial telephone conversation will help Caron & Stanley determine how we can best provide career assistance. Covered will be such details as: reasons for a career change, compensation requirements, and the types of opportunities you’re interested in.

In Person Interview with Recruiter
Prior to meeting with a Recruiter, you will receive information explaining how to prepare for the meeting and what to expect. During the interview, details touched on during the phone call will be covered in more detail. We will explore your employment history, skill sets, compensation targets, and most suitable work environments.
Interview Tips and Techniques
Typically, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So we offer any needed advice about a wide range of topics such as the proper handshake, body language, eye contact, and attire. We may possibly conduct a ‘mock interview’ to determine how you react in a job interview. To improve your interviewing skills, we will give you the needed guidance, suggestions, relevant information and a take-home worksheet.
Take Your Resume to the Next Level
Recent studies reveal that a Recruiter/Hiring Official spends on average of eight to ten seconds reviewing each resume before deciding whether or not to consider a candidate for a position. Your resume often is the first thing an HR Representative will see and know about you. Correctly written, this document can give you a competitive edge during your search for a new career opportunity. The correct font size, formatting, and content showcasing your talents is essential. There are, of course, other components that factor into a resume that effectively highlights your skills and experience. In fact, you may not even be aware of them. That’s why it’s so important to work with the Strategic Placement Specialists (Recruiters) at Caron & Stanley. Partnering with you, our staff will review your resume and provide personalized feedback and guidance on modifying it to best highlight your talents.
Resume Submission
You must give us your permission to submit your resume for each appropriate opportunity. Therefore, when we contact you regarding an opening, please reply as quickly as possible. During our conversation, we will give you an overview of the prospective company, a job description, a compensation figure, and other pertinent information. Your resume will be submitted for consideration only after you authorize us to do so.
Client Interview
Once we arrange an interview with our client, we will give you a document containing all pertinent information about the company, the management team, the job, benefits, key skills required for consideration. We also will include you salary requirement information that we shared with the client. This information will help you properly prepare for the process of ‘selling’ yourself during the interview. After your interview, you are advised to immediately contact your Recruiter and offer them feedback about your interview experience. It is our goal to gain a thorough understanding of your interest level prior to the extending of an offer.
Reference Checks
Professional reference checks are discretely conducted. References are provided by candidates.
Offer of Employment
If an offer is forthcoming, it is standard procedure for our Recruiter to present it to the candidate. We will do our best to secure the best and most appropriate offer for each candidate.
To ensure our client company of successful candidate performance, we maintain ongoing contact with both the candidate and the hiring official for approximately 60 days following the commencement of employment.